About Us

Heartsease Nutrition is a snack and wellness company founded in Toronto, Ontario. Our passion? To craft delicious treats that nourish the body and support wellbeing, while tasting positively decadent.

We believe in using ingredients that support the body instead of depleting it. Our products are always gluten, grain & refined-sugar free. Healthy fats, fibre & protein support stable blood sugar levels, hormone balance, good vibes and less cravings! Watch your appetite, mood and weight begin to self-regulate. 

Conscious packaging: Our packaging is compostable and is made from sustainably harvested renewable wood pulp. 

Treat yourself to something mouthwateringly divine, without compromising your health goals or the environment.🍪🌍


About the founder:

My name is Tatiana Jankowski, and I was inspired to create Heartsease Nutrition after going through my own personal health journey. In my early twenties, I overcame debilitating digestive issues, anxiety, amenorrhea, binge eating and constant sugar cravings.

I followed a paleo inspired, refined-sugar free diet with a large emphasis on collagen rich foods.

I noticed that the more protein and healthy fats I consumed, the less I craved sugar.

My gut healed, my hormones came back into synch and I now feel a freedom from food cravings I never could have previously imagined.

I’m passionate about creating products that not only taste delicious but support our customers holistically.